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It’s getting really noisy out there. In fact, too noisy! Everyone is bombarded with information, distraction is the new norm.

Today successful brands attract attention because they are clear, simple and communicate an authenticate story that resonates with their audience.

Our mission is to provoke digital growth and build a vibrant, engaged community loyal to your brand!

By 2025, Millennials and Gen Z will make up the majority of the workforce. New demands call for a new type of agency. We cater to brands looking to be nimble and innovative, to take value-inspired risks while staying authentic to their true beliefs.

Tell your story!

If your brand’s community loves and clearly understands what you do, you’ve succeeded in transmitting the right message. At Provoke, story is how we move past the overwhelm and connect with what makes us human. We create story-driven websites, inspiring designs & engaging social media campaigns that manifest your brand’s essence. The stories we tell simplify complex messages to bring real peo ple together, build trust, and create results.

That’s our story. Let us help you tell yours.

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In an industry plagued by outsourcing talent, the “team” becomes the most crucial point in making sure our clients are satisfied. Clients need to know who they’re working with and what level of expertise they profess. Our team has experts with experience, industry know-how & creativity in design, development, marketing and strategy. We use all of our assets to give you the best possible creative solution to achieve your goals.

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Gad Serruya

Growth Strategist

Silent but deadly, Gad is the founder of & Provoke and brings a ton of digital marketing experience. 15+ years of knowledge in design, branding, strategy, web development, ecommerce and online marketing has groomed him as an authority for many trusted brands and clients.

Richard Mechaly

Brand Strategist

Decisive about problems, options and new directions to take, Rich is a branding specialist that is not shy in sharing his honest opinion. He continues to master his craft by learning from mentors and innovating new approaches while taking an inquisitive & open attitude to change.

Roman Korb

Technology Officer

Our own russian techy! Over 10 years of experience with web technologies & programming, Roman plays a key role in providing clients the technical support they need to feel confident and secure with any issues they may face in their digital transformation.

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